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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

IN Logistics and Supply Chain ?

  1. What turns the world?
    • Supply and Demand !  
    • Population growth every day, different needs arise every day, demand increases daily, but supply and resources is busy going down
  2. Need to understand the balance between supply and demand.
  3. Where is the demand coming from (The Consumer).
  4. Where is the supply coming from (The Resources)
    • Everything that is coming out of the ground - understand the process:
      • Could be farming;
      • could be mining;
      • etc
  5. What is the need?
    • Clothing
    • Jewellery
    • Food
    • Fuel
    • Etc (add whatever you specialise in, to this list)


Why partner with Makwedeng and the Learning Hub?

We can train your future partners to identify the need and to know how to supply. 

In the process you can develop your own community AND use them in partnership in your supply chain.

Learners in Entrepreneurial Development process

  • Need support:
  • Need funding.  
  • Need equipment.  
  • Need workplace.


Build a partnership with the entrepreneur or enterprise and that person or business will become your partner and one of your suppliers in your supply chain.

EXAMPLE:  If you are in partnership with an owner driver in training, he will be your contractor for deliveries in your supply chain.

Within the scope of our COURSES lies the full circle of learning Logistics and Supply Chain, from GETC (General Education and Training Certificate) to a Diploma in Logistics Management, Skills Programs and Short Courses.  We've identified various enterprises that is often lacking or in higher demand and can establish Learnership around these areas of need. 

Uplift the economy, uplift communities, build strong partnerships in your supply chain.


  • A Coffee Shop (in a Learning Environment or in your Business)
  • Maintenance in a Warehouse (or any other facility)
  • Security Guard 
  • Print facility
  • Owner Driver

Let Makwedend show you and help you to manage the chain of supply with Leadership skills, Business skills, Financial skills - theory applied and mentored

A Bonus:

The Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice has changed the B-BBEE landscape and companies need to maximise their B-BBEE points. Companies need to do much more to reach the same B-BBEE Level as in the past. This has forced companies to work harder to meet their B-BBEE targets.

The Logistics Hub can assit companies to work Smarter to reach their B-BBEE Goals !

Some interesting facts with regard to the Amended B-BBEE targets
• Qualifying Small Enterprises and Generic Enterprises are rated on the same Elements.
• Generic Entities need to spend 6% of their annual payroll on Skills Development for Black people.
• Major focus on Learnerships; Internships and Apprenticeships
• Preferential procurement enhances the use of Small and Medium enterprises as suppliers.
• Suppier and Enterprise Development form part of Priority Elements
• Skills Development is a Priority Element
• Companies that do not reach Priority Elements minimum targets are penalised by one B-BBEE Level at overall Rating.


How partnering up with the Logistics Hub can bennifit your bussiness
• Solutions for optimizing Skills Development Score - Maximum 20 Points
• Enterprise Development that leads to sustainable Supplier Development -15 Points
• Maximizing bonus points on Skills Development as well as Enterprise and Supplier Development- 7 Points
• Socio Economic Development oppertunities – 5 Points
Total points achievable in partenring up with The Logistics Hub : 47 POINTS



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